Ça bouge chez Convertbox!

Woooooww, on vient de recevoir un message de la part de Convertbox qui nous fait part des différentes fonctions qui ont été ajoutées récemment…

Il y en a tellement!! :crazy_face:

Trop pour tout vous transcrire à “la mitaine”, donc je vous copie/colle ça ici… Jetez-y un oeil il y en a qui sont particulièrement intéressantes!!

New custom form fields

This is a big one… We’ve completely rebuilt our opt-in forms from the ground up so you can quickly and easily add the fields you need and position them exactly where you want them. With just a few clicks you can create custom forms with text fields, hidden fields, drop down options, granular consent, checkboxes and more.

New form actions
Our new form actions make ConvertBox more powerful and flexible than ever! Now you can trigger multiple actions for multiple integrations when a visitor submits your form. So for example… You could setup actions to add the lead to Drip with a specific tag AND send data to a webhook url AND fire a Slack notification via Zapier.

Wordpress display rules
When you are using our Wordpress plugin ConvertBox now automatically pulls your posts, categories and tags into the display rules allowing you to easily select exactly what areas of your blog you what to show your ConvertBox on.

Privacy text options
You spoke and we listened. We’ve added a new option allowing you to show privacy policy text with links below all your opt-in forms.

Emoji support ! :boom::boom::boom:
You can now use emojis in your ConvertBox. Love them or hate them, there is no question that when used correctly emojis can have a huge impact on your conversions. If you are not using emojis in your copy yet then it’s time to start testing them.

More segmentation options
ConvertBox’s segmentation features allow you to easily segment leads so you can follow up with them based on their specific problems/goals. Now we’ve expanded this powerful feature further allowing you to add more segmentation options on your ConvertBox.

Improved overlay links
Your overlay links will now pull through all the meta data from the original link you’re sharing and we’ve added full support for https giving your visitors full secure piece of mind when visiting your links.

Pre-filling form fields
Along with our new custom form fields we have now added the ability topre-fill fields on your ConvertBox from data in your url parameters. Pre-filling fields with the visitors data means they’re far more likely to hit submit and you’re going to see much higher opt-in conversions.

New Inactivity triggers
We’ve added a new trigger to our display rules which means you can now trigger your ConvertBox based on how long a visitor has been inactive on your page. This powerful trigger has many uses but we have seen particularly great results when used on checkout pages to offer an additional incentive if the visitor is inactive for more than 30 seconds.

New native integrations
We have added a bunch of new native integrations and we have a lot more to come.

Here’s our new integrations…

  • MailerLite integration
  • ConvertFox integration
  • Klaviyo integration
  • ConvertKit (new form actions)
  • ActiveCampaign (new form actions)
  • HTML form integration

New and improved webhooks
All your fields (including custom fields) are now automatically mapped to our webhooks and we’ve moved the webhook integration directly into the form action rule area so testing your webhooks is super easy.

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Ils ont lancés leur nouvelle interface! Vraiment sharp et plus facilement modulable!!

En plus, ils ont des templates maintenant :

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Je viens de voir ça…

écoute la vidéo si ce n’est pas fait…

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C’est leur nouveau script qui a bugué la navigation de La Tranchée ce matin… Just sayn :sweat_smile:

Ceci étant dit, j’adore la nouvelle interface et le nouveau builder.

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