Attention : Vulnérabilité

Voici un communiqué venu de Wordfense sur une vulnérabilité de Firefox.

Ils suggèrent de ne pas s’en servir de Firefox ni des ses dérivés jusqu’à que l’équipe de Mozilla règle le problème.

We’re sending out this unscheduled emergency bulletin to alert you that there is a 0 day vulnerability in the wild that affects Firefox web browsers and the Tor browser bundle. The vulnerability emerged a few hours ago.

We recommend you temporarily switch to a non-firefox based browser until the Firefox dev team has a chance to release a fix. That should happen quite quickly.

We would like to encourage you to share this alert with the larger web community. It’s unusual for us to send out a non-WordPress related vulnerability, but the impact of this may be wide-spread. We also suspect that WordPress websites may be used as a watering hole to infect vulnerable web browsers using this new exploit.

Full details on our blog


Mark Maunder
Wordfence Founder & CEO

Merci pour le partage!