Manychat Facebook partiellement down présentement


pour votre info Mikael Yang est le CEO / Co-founder ManyChat

Ahhh c’est pour ca que rien ne fonctionne…Merci pour l’info!!

C’est le bon moment d’envoyer une newsletter :slight_smile: les gens ne sont plus sur Facebook!

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Ça explique tout ! Merci :wink:

Massive Facebook API errors

New incident: Identified

Facebook is currently experiencing an issue that affects message sending and may prevent creation of new ManyChat accounts. The problem is caused by massive errors from Facebook Messenger Send API.

We’ve stopped broadcasts and sequences to prevent message loss. Right now we are monitoring the situation and we’ll let you know as soon as there are any updates.

Time posted

May 6, 15:09 PDT

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